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The Second Republic, or the Third Conflict Cycle?
While other « Arab Springers » were descending into chaos and anarchy, Tunisia appears to be paving a bright path, actually offering the « Tunisian Scenario » to the rest of the region. Dialogue and consensus can be a way out rather than chaos, civil war and putsches. It can also be a way forward.January 2014 marked a new start for Tunisia. It coincided with New Year of course, but also the arrival of a new constitution and government, as well as the beginning of the Third Transitional Period. It was the advent of the Second Republic. However, while the country is leaving the conflict zone and reaching a relative stability, it might be heading towards crisis if its economy continues to falter. The priority of the actual government may hence shift away from organizing elections to concentrating on economic reforms, which can in turn jeopardize the democratic transition.
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Renewable energies : A reality that we have to live with?
The Tunisian national energy context is marked by a huge increase in energy demand and a strong external dependence. In 2012, the energy deficit totaled 1,600,000 ktoe (kilotons of oil equivalent), up to 60% compared to 2011, while the share of renewable energy was low, with a rate fluctuating between 2% and 4%. Due to the sharp rise in oil prices on the international market, Tunisia fulfills more expensive oil bills. {...read more}  
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The Arab Institute of Business Leaders(IACE) is pleased to welcome you to the TUNIS FORUM which will take place on the 5th and 6th of June at the Palais des Congrès de Tunis.
The TUNIS FORUM is gathering heads of state, government representatives, senior business leaders from different parts of Africa and the world
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